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Encapsulated isolation transformer KKS

Medical isolation transformers have been manufactured with strengthened isolation. The transformers’ leakage current between the primary and secondary windings is very low. The maximum leakage current without load at rated voltage and frequency is 0.5mA. There is an electrostatic shield between the primary and secondary windings.

A transformer used in a medical facility must be equipped with an insulation monitoring device. Additional information about these devices can be found in the Trafox Superintend® IMD website. Fault current monitoring systems can be found in the Trafox Superintend® RCM website.

Additional information:

MEDICAL TRANSFORMERS Medical Transformers Product Sheet, ENG (pdf)

Technical data

Primary winding: 230V
Secondary winding: 2x115V
Power: 3500…7500VA
Frequency: 50/60Hz
Protection class: IP21
Isolation voltage: 3.5kV
Insulation class: F(155°C)
Ambient temperature: -20…+45°C
Standards: EN61558-1, EN61558-2-15
Mounting: Screw mounting
Accessories: Current transformer, temperature sensor and switching current attenuation circuit, insulation level monitoring device