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RCM Residual Current Monitoring System

A fault current monitoring system for applications where special reliability is required from the power supply. Trafox Superintend® RCM continuously monitors the electric system’s fault current level and reacts immediately to a fault current surge.

With the fault current monitoring system, the fault current surge can be noticed before a safety device is triggered. This is beneficial especially in applications in which an unexpected interruption in power supply will result in high expenses. The alert limit and delay of the fault current alert can be adjusted according to the application’s demands.

Trafox Superintend® RCM product family includes fault current monitoring devices with 1, 8, 16, 32 or 64 measurement points (channels). Multi-channel devices also record the minimum and maximum values of the fault current and the fault current alert history, and these can be remotely accessed with a web browser from any location.

The benefits of the Trafox Superintend® RCM monitoring system:

  • Better fire and personal safety due to continuous monitoring of fault current
  • Predictability of insulation faults
  • More precise locating of insulation faults is possible with a multi-channel fault current monitoring device
  • Quick location of leakage currents deteriorating the electricity quality
  • More reliable electricity system by minimizing interruptions in power supply
  • Monitoring of load currents of zero and identifying possible overload situations in advance is also possible
  • Up to 2048 monitoring points can be supervised with one web browser display