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Isolation transformers

The transformers are used as isolation transformers. An isolation transformer is a transformer which galvanically separates an equipment attached to the secondary side from the mains current, and phase.

Mobile isolation transformers KLM, KL

The transformers are used as isolation transformers. The transformers have been manufactured with toroidal transformers. Due to their compact size, low noise level and beautiful and durable enclosure, they are suitable for a wide range of applications.

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Adjustable isolation transformers KLS

Adjustable isolation transformers are used in maintenance facilities and laboratories where clean and adjustable alternating voltage, separate from mains power, is required.

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Electrostatically shielded transformers KLMPH

Encapsulated mobile single-phase electrostatically shielded transformers are suitable for equipment which need to be protected from mains power transients and interference.

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