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Water cooled reactors

Water cooled single- and three-phase reactors are used especially for special applications of renewable energy, marine industry and other industries. We manufacture reactors up to max. 8000A. We manufacture reactors from mains frequency applications to high frequency applications. Core materials include e.g. low-loss FE strips, ferrites or amorphous materials.

With water cooled reactors, most of the reactor’s losses can be lead directly into water without straining the environment with excess heat. The reactors are compact, and lighter than air cooled reactors. In the development of the reactors, special attention has been given to the product’s durability: the planned service life is 20 years. The features, dimensions, structure and mounting options of the water cooled reactors we produce can be tailored according to the customer’s objectives and needs.

Additional information: Water Cooled Reactors Brochure, ENG (pdf)