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Single-phase power transformers

We manufacture single-phase transformers in the power range 6.3 to 630 kVA. Our selection includes the Power Series and electrostatically shielded transformers.

The standard structure is open frame IP00, but the transformers are available up to IP65.

The transformers are intended for applications which require voltage increases or decreases or in which the transformer is used as an isolation transformer. If the voltage change does not require isolation, the solution might be an auto-transformer, which is smaller in size and more cost-efficient. The transformers are used in different kinds of industrial, construction, energy technology and marine applications, such as electric motors, compressors, cooling systems or IT/TN-S network formation. On request, transformers can be manufactured for different voltages and frequencies, and equipped with e.g. an electrostatic shield between the primary and secondary windings, different settings, intermediate outputs, casters or other accessories requested by the customer.

Technical data

Primary winding: Max. 3.3kV
Secondary winding: Max. 3.3kV
Power: 6.3…630 kVA
Frequency: 50/60Hz
Protection class: IP00…IP65
Isolation voltage: 4 kV AC
Insulation class: T60/H
Ambient temperature: -20…+60°C
Standards: IEC60076/IEC726 (if required, also other standards: DNV, LRS…)
Accessories: Switches, safeguards, switching current attenuation circuits, insulation level monitoring relays


Additional information:


 1-phase Power Transformers Product Sheet, ENG (pdf)