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Sine filters

The Sine filters are used for filtering high frequency interference in the input voltage of a motor in order to achieve cleaner sinusoidal voltage. High frequency interference is a great risk for motor coil insulation andard selection of different current ranges ensures an optimal filter choice.

The features, dimensions, structure and needs.

Additional information:

SINE FILTERS ENG Sine Filters Product Sheet, ENG (pdf)


SINE FILTERS 460 1460A Sine Filters 460-1460A Product Sheet, ENG (pdf)




Technical data

Operating voltage range: 380…500V ±10%
Motor current frequency: 0–70 Hz
Switching frequency: 380–500V 1.5–4KHz
Max. remaining voltage ripple: 40V p-p
Max. cable length: No limitation
Voltage loss: ap 6 % at nominal current
Insulation class: H 180°C
Ambient temperature: 40°C in operation
Humidity: <95% RH, no condensation
Standard: IEC 61558-2-20
Protection class: IP00
Certifications: CE, UL/ur, RoHS