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NEW Trafox Medical Isolation Transformers for Health care applications!

New high quality Trafox Medical Isolation Transformers have a very low inrush current, typically under 3,5x In. Because of this, there is no need for separate inrush peak limiting devices. The primary fuses can be rated lower than with other medical transformers. The installation can be done by wires having a smaller copper cross section. This will increase the total savings in hospital electricity installations.
The Trafox Medical Isolation Transformer has also been designed so that the leakage currents and no-load losses are at a low level. These transformers do have also long lifetime design with high temperature class insulations.



NEW! Trafox Medical Transformer KKSA – open model

Download the brochure from here: Medical Transformers Product Sheet, ENG (pdf)


NEW! Trafox Medical Transformer KKS – capsulated model

NEW! Distribution cabinet serie Trafox IPS for medical IT-systems
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